Online Resources for the Breastfeeding Mom

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For 13 months I successfully breastfed my daughter, but, it didn't always come naturally for us. In fact, I had many moments in those first few weeks where I wanted to give up. It took a lot of patience and practice (and nipple cream!) to get to a point where it was an enjoyable experience. Many of those early breastfeeding sessions were spent perusing the internet to find an example of the perfect latch or how to hand express when my "milk came in". If you can't have someone with you in person to help, I found the links and videos below to be helpful during my breastfeeding journey. 

If you are experiencing pain or you believe that your baby is not getting enough milk, PLEASE do not hesitate to meet with a lactation consultant to help you identify and resolve any issues. You deserve help and I am more than happy to connect you with a local resource. 

Breastfeeding Made Simple is an informative website and also a book that I highly recommend you read when you're pregnant. The authors present breastfeeding in easy to understand "laws" and they go on to explain what interferes with these laws and how to overcome common challenges. You can find even more videos and articles on their website. 

Watch this video on laid back breastfeeding while you're in the hospital! Seriously, do it! Forget your boppy pillow, and embrace biological nurturing, also known as laid back breastfeeding. Your body supports your baby's weight and gravity helps keep your baby's body securely on yours while triggering your newborn's feeding reflexes. This will make it easier for your baby to latch deeply, keeping you comfortable which is important for producing milk. Read through the Biological Nurturing website to learn more. 

Before having my daughter, I've seen one person breastfeed their baby. People are unfamiliar with breastfeeding which can cause issues when they start to nurse their newborn.  I found watching instructional videos demonstrating different breastfeeding positions to be extremely helpful. Watch these YouTube clips to master side-lying, football hold, cradle, and cross cradle positions.

Not sure if your baby is latched on well or getting enough milk? This video shows what a proper latch looks like and also an example of a shallow latch. An added bonus, it shows you what your baby's first few diapers should look like. 

Kellymom offers practical breastfeeding information with tons of informative articles. This was my go to source whenever I had a concern.

Maya Bollman's video on the basics of breast massage will help you remove milk by hand expressing. This is useful if you are experiencing engorgement or a plugged duct.

The golden hour occurs immediately after you deliver your baby and is the time for your newborn to latch and begin your breastfeeding journey. This video from Stanford explains this critical time and shows you how to hand express your colostrum if you need to. 

If you need to start pumping, watch this video on hands on pumping to learn how to maximize your milk output. You can make 20-50% more milk when using these approaches while pumping.

Are you taking medication or recently prescribed a drug and unsure if you can still nurse? This online database contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed.

Find yourself scrolling Instagram during your nursing sessions, then follow @lactationlink. The account is run by an IBCLC and each beautiful image is accompanied with tidbits of breastfeeding information.  

Let me know what helped you during your breastfeeding journey!