Creating New Easter Traditions

New Easter Traditions

One of my favorite things about being a mother is creating new traditions with my little family. Some customs Matt and I borrow from the way things have always been done with our families. Then, we like to throw in something new that will be special to just us.

In the days leading up to Easter, my family would always dye eggs. On Easter morning,  my siblings and I would find our baskets on the kitchen table filled to the brim with jellybeans and other sweets. My parents would include a small gift. Matt's family would do Easter egg hunts, for the kids and the adults!

I have to admit, last year I let the grandparents spoil Ava. I was probably at my peak of exhaustion, waking up at least every two hours to feed Ava. The thought of doing anything for Easter was the last thing on my mind. Now that she's older and understands more, I'm excited to plan little activities with her. 

A week before the holiday, we'll be doing an Easter egg hunt with her school and hopefully getting a picture with the Easter bunny, although if you saw her picture with Santa Claus then you know it won't go too well. 

On Easter morning, I'm envisioning we have a nice breakfast at home. I can't wait for Ava to show more interest in baking. I'll see if she'll want to help make muffins. I think these carrot cake muffins would be appropriate for the holiday and something we can look forward to making every year. I'm sure we'll get as far as Ava getting the flour all over the floor, but it's the thought that counts! 

Then we'll give Ava her Easter basket. Below, you can find some of the things I'll be including in Ava's basket. After that, we'll dress her up in her Sunday best and do the shuffle between families and eat some honey baked ham.

1. Sherpa Bunny Easter Basket // 2. Plush Daisy Duckling  // 3. Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk // 4. Bunny Sippy Cup // 5. Peeps Bubble Chicks // 6. Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? Book


what are your family's favorite Easter traditions?