Ava's Faves // 18 Months

I've been debating how much of Ava I wanted to include on here, but I thought this could be a fun way to document how she's changing and what she loves at the moment.

Somehow my baby is at the half way mark to two! She's very chatty at home and is a joy to be around (most of the time, ha!). My favorite part of this age is how she loves to make people laugh. If you enter our house, she immediately goes into downward facing dog pose, looking to get a chuckle out of you.  


Ava's never really taken to painting. She's not one to get messy. In fact, one of her favorite things to do is wipe clean her high chair after her meals. As you can imagine, finger painting didn't go too well. I bought her a metallic watercolor set (something similar) for Valentine's Day and I've been waiting to use it. Surprisingly, Ava loved painting with the watercolors. Every time she dipped her brush in the water, she would say "dip dip" and it was a good way to practice color recognition. She loves to say purple and yellow, so that's usually what every color is.  

Ava loves to be outside. We've been fortunate to have some warm winter days and we try to take advantage. We'll go to a playground or take Charlie for a walk around the neighborhood. The other day we went to a local preserve. Ava loved seeing the ducks on the water and the freedom to run on the trail. 


Many of Ava's toys don't keep her attention for long. We have various animals from Learning Resources kept in a basket. Occasionally, Ava will pull each one out and give them a kiss. She likes to name the animal or make the appropriate animal noise as she's lining them up. If we're reading a book about animals, she'll pull out the animal. 

Around Christmas time I made a sensory bin for Ava, it's filled with pom poms, strings of beads, pine cones and various Christmas themed objects of different textures. I also included measuring spoons and a cup. Recently, she's been requesting to play with this more. She's very focused on scooping the pom poms with the measuring spoons and placing them in the cup. She spends a good amount of time practicing this. I plan on updating her bin for the spring very soon and maybe I'll do a separate post when this happens! 

Learning Resources Jumbo Domestic Pets


Oh, the struggle! My great eater has suddenly turned picky. She still loves all fruits, most vegetables, and of course cheese (one of her first words) and yogurt. Getting Ava to eat meat has been difficult. I still offer her everything, but Charlie ends up enjoying the meat when it gets thrown to the floor. Any one have any tips!? Please tell me this is just a phase!

Toddler Meal Time

Hope you enjoyed this type of post. I'm looking forward to giving more updates in the future!