Ava's Faves // 22/23 Months

Any other toddler parents out there feel like they go to sleep one night and the next morning their child grew exponentially over night. I swear I placed my daughter in her crib and the next morning she's speaking in sentences and demanding syrup with her waffles! 

I love this phase of life with Ava. Having her communicate more has made things much easier for both of us. She blabbers away a mile a minute and she's speaking in cohesive sentences that make sense. Finger crossed, we haven't had many melt downs lately. The best part is, she'll randomly start saying, "I love Mama. I love Daddy. I love Charlie." I made sure to record that to show to her in her teenage years when she needs a reminder!

Unfortunately, July was a difficult month and my husband was home for most of it. The only benefit to this is Ava has turned into a complete daddy's girl. The first morning Matt went back to work, she seemed extremely disappointed to see me greet her in the morning. First thing she said was, "Where's Daddy?" Although it was under challenging circumstances, seeing Matt and Ava's bond strengthen has made me so happy. I'm still the person who she turns to when she's hurt or upset but I love watching the two of them laugh and have fun together. 


Ava loves everything about animals - reading about them, seeing them, feeding them. We went to White Post Farms with our friends, and the girls got to feed goats and a giraffe, and see all sorts of animals. Ave even enjoyed a pony ride. Ava kept talking about our trip to see the animals so we took her to the Queens Zoo that following weekend. She got to see a bald eagle and sea lions which made for a happy girl. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen some videos of Ava dancing. Every day we ask "Alexa" to play the Beatles and she does a cute little shimmy. She loves to have music playing during all of her meals.


Ava's over bubbles and rather play inside now, I don't think she's a fan of the hot days. Her play kitchen is getting a lot more use lately. She loves playing with her coffee maker, ice cream set, and cookies. Every morning when I brew my coffee, she runs to get her mug and shouts, "It's coffee time!" 

Her imagination is starting to come alive. She has a few sets of Little People and I'll catch her setting up a table and placing them around it and saying they're eating dinner. My favorite thing to do is stepping back and watching her play. 


Ava's clearly inherited my sweet tooth. Girl loves her fruit and ice cream. We try to make ice cream a special weekend treat so it's something we look forward to.

Once dinner rolls around, I'm still having a hard time getting her to try meat and eat veggies she once loved. I've found that when I limit her afternoon snack to a cup of berries, she's much more open to eating a variety of food at dinner time. My other trick is mixing food with rice. I've been making riced cauliflower and peas and carrots and mixing that with brown rice and Ava's been gobbling it up.