Favorite Kids Yoga Books

I'm excited to announce that I am offering yoga for kids! You can refer to my Kids Yoga page to read about all the benefits of yoga for children. Since completing Level 1 of my training, I've been practicing with Ava and have already seen the positive impact. I'm looking forward to sharing these tools with kids, and more importantly with their parents and caregivers. 

Over the last few months, I've been collecting stories about yoga for Ava. It's been fun to flip through the pages with her and introduce different poses and stories to go along with them. Here's some of our favorites:

Yoga Bunny.jpg

Yoga Bunny โ€“ by Brian Russo

This is a sweet book, given to us by our wonderful friends Tom and Greg. In this story, Bunny tries to get his friends to slow down and realize that yoga might be the answer to their problems.


I Am Yoga - by Peter H. Reynolds and Susan Verde

This book perfectly describes how to move your body and slow your mind for young children and the illustrations are beautiful.

good night yoga.jpg

Good Night Yoga - By MARIAM GATES

This beautiful book teaches simple yoga poses that encourage self-soothing and relaxation, helping your children release some energy before bedtime.


Rachel's Day in the Garden and Luke's Beach Day - Both Books BY - by Giselle Shardlow

I love the Kids Yoga Stories series by this author as it provides guidelines on how each of the poses demonstrated throughout the story should be done, as well as tips for staying safe.