As a practitioner of Yoga for the past 8 years, I was excited to practice throughout my pregnancy. I sought out a prenatal yoga program in the area to help me understand my pregnant body and adjust my practice accordingly. Jen’s prenatal classes exceeded my expectations. Jen not only guided us through sequences that would benefit us physically, but she made her class into a community of moms. I kept in touch with some of the moms and many of us now attend Jen’s mommy and me class! Jen also shared information and resources with us that helped me work toward eradicating my fears of labor and delivery and rewire my thinking when it came to childbirth. I very much credit Jen and her prenatal yoga classes for my ability to carry out the type of natural childbirth experience I had originally hoped for when I first found out I was pregnant. The best part about Jen and her classes is that her passion for educating expecting mothers is exuded in her teaching, which is extremely motivating. She is completely present throughout and always eager to answer questions afterward. I highly recommend Jen as an overall support for moms-to-be!
- Lauren

I took Jen’s prenatal yoga class during my second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Jen also gave me a few private lessons in my home. I had never practiced yoga prior to this and I was looking for a way to unwind, work on breathing, lower my blood pressure and stay somewhat active during my pregnancy. Jen’s classes were just what I needed, she often went over breathing techniques and positions that you could utilize during labor. She explained the scientific reasons why these stretches or positions would ease pain during pregnancy or help with the birthing process. Jen is extremely knowledgeable in yoga, the birthing process and postpartum. I was considered a high risk pregnancy and believe that yoga with Jen’s expertise helped me carry to full term. Now me and my son go to her postnatal mommy and me yoga classes and enjoy that special time to bond with one another while learning new ways to stretch both my body and his. I highly recommend Jen’s yoga classes to any new mommy or mommy to be as they are extremely beneficial during this exciting time in our lives.

I truly enjoy taking Jen’s classes. She has such a wonderful energy. She helped me to prepare for the birth of my daughter in the prenatal yoga classes. I had a wonderful birth at home and give much credit to the prenatal yoga for helping to prepare my body and mind. Now I am bringing my daughter to Mommy & baby classes with Jen so we can both continue to benefit from her guidance.
- Amy

Jen is an excellent yoga instructor! I took her pre-natal, post-natal and baby & me yoga classes. She customized each class to meet our needs & shared a wealth of information to help us better understand the changes our bodies were going through both during & after pregnancy. Jen’s incredibly caring & helped foster a really supportive atmosphere which I hugely appreciated as a first-time mom! I would absolutely take her classes again.
- Michele